Cereria Molla Candles - 8 oz.

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Cereria Molla boutique collection candles, handcrafted since 1899.  Made with vegetable wax and presented in glass.

Basil & Mandarine - A mix of citurs notes of Lemon, Lime, and Tangerine accompanied by the floral aromas of Ivy and White Jasmine with a finish of woody oriental notes.

Bergamotto di Calabria - Warm Mysore Sandalwood combined with the freshness of Bergamotto di Calabria lends nuances of Cardamom and Lemon.

Moroccan Cedar - Spicy, woody and sweet overtones.

Provence Lavender - Fields of Provence Lavender in harmonious mixture with the freshness of Lemongrass.

Verbena di Sicilia - Delicate and generous aromas of Verbena.  Evokes the life of open air, the sea, and sun.

Made in Spain